Guest Content Policy

Thank you for your interest in Knitting Kninja. All content on Knitting Kninja is written by me, unless otherwise specified. I will occasionally consider guest content related to a specific issue dealt with on Knitting Kninja, such as my Male Gaze in Knitwear Design series. I will not post about your product unless it is, as specified in my review policy, related to knitting or feminism or both. I am not interested in offering guest posts on any content unrelated to knitting and/or feminism at this time. If you are interested in doing a guest post about knitting and feminism, or a different take on my male gaze posts, or something else that relates directly to the content of Knitting Kninja, please contact me at Sometimes mail gets shuffled into the Spam folder and I miss it, so Twitter is also a good way to reach me if I don’t answer an email.