I know other people do this because I’ve talked to other people who do this. You get an email from someone, you mean to reply right away, but you don’t, and then you forget, and by the time you remember again, you’re afraid to send that email because doing so will call attention to how … [Read more…]

And time is marching on

And time…is still marching on. Hello, hello! It’s been a flurry of activity since school started up again. The kids are once again in three different schools, and I’m assistant teaching a class, plus studying for the Lit GRE and preparing application material for grad school. Basically, if I leave the house with my head … [Read more…]


One result of blogging again over the last couple of days is that people have been poking around the blog archives at a higher-than-usual rate, so old posts are passing across my radar. I went back and read some of the posts that were getting unexpected hits yesterday and it was…weird. It’s not that I’m … [Read more…]