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Small sized

Mode Moderne is such an easy knit, and I like working stripes and playing with the color combinations so much that I couldn’t resist making a small version for my daughter. I’d make a baby version as well, except cowl

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We believe in nothing

I just spent the morning taking a practice test for the Lit GRE subject test, which I am taking on Saturday. I did pretty well on the practice test, which is a bit comforting, but the actual process was mind

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Goodbye to Cephalopod

You have likely already heard the news that Cephalopod Yarns is closing its doors. There are more details at Sarah’s blog. (Side note: Sarah’s writing is beautiful and everyone should be reading her blog because she’s a brilliant, kind, funny,

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Mode Moderne for me

When I designed Mode Moderne, I did so around the type of sweater I’ve seen my sister wear. She and I are built quite differently, with very different coloring and very different fashion sense, so I hadn’t originally planned on

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I’m going to have a product review for you tomorrow, but today I wanted to catch up on various things that need doing. I’m back in school, loving it very much, and of course, very busy as a result. The

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Backbone is here! It’s the first of a number of sweaters I have coming out for autumn and winter, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. It’s very simple to knit, but the cable down

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Schtuff and things, things and stuff

Summer in the Bay Area is a very odd time. Our warmest months are September and October, so while people from other parts of the country are sweltering away, we’re still wearing long sleeved tees and jeans, sometimes bundling up

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On wellness

I’m sorry to have dropped out suddenly and in the middle of my series on the male gaze, too. Basically, I’ve been sick for a month now, and it’s been really wearing. We went to the Maker Faire in May,

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Orange you glad

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango, an orangey red or a red orange that screams, “HEY! I’m right HERE!”. It is a coincidence that my new sweater is a similar red orange, but not an inappropriate

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How’s it holding up, part the second

Yesterday I posted about the wear and tear on five sweaters, and today I have five more to talk about. All of the sweaters today have actually held up very well, so hooray for that! No more disasters like my

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