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Small sized

Mode Moderne is such an easy knit, and I like working stripes and playing with the color combinations so much that I couldn’t resist making a small version for my daughter. I’d make a baby version as well, except cowl

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And time is marching on

And time…is still marching on. Hello, hello! It’s been a flurry of activity since school started up again. The kids are once again in three different schools, and I’m assistant teaching a class, plus studying for the Lit GRE and

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In which math turns on me

I don’t have a picture because I’m in Southern California and the little dress is back in Northern California, but I made a second sample of the baby dress in new yarn with new math, and I have no idea

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Experimental giveaway – Beverly hat pattern

Thank you so much for the interest in Beverly today! All 25 patterns have now been given away. I will write tomorrow about what this was like! Every designer will eventually (and repeatedly) create some patterns that they deeply love,

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I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with this blog, which is a shame, as it’s something I really enjoy working on. However, I am going to take a current illness as an opportunity and update just a little. This is

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Oh, also

I started a Ravelry group, Dangerous With Pointy Sticks, for anyone interested in Knitting Kninja patterns, whether as a knitter, test knitter, or just as one of my friends!  I figured that with the number of emails and private messages

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Muench Sir Galli, now discontinued, is a silk tweed, and while it’s not actually practical for rustic use, something about it, from the subdued natural tones to the tweedy flecks and nubs, screams rustic.  It has a gnarled, woody look,

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Catching up with Project Spectrum

I have had a rough time of it lately in terms of health.  I was sick for a time (though not with swine flu – yay!), and then I hurt my ankle and now I’m on crutches.  I’ve been largely

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Day’s Eye Hat again

Popknits‘ Spring issue went live today, so you can get the Day’s Eye pattern now!  I thought I’d tell you all a little more about that pattern today, and the process that went into designing it.  The pictures accompanying this

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Day’s Eye!

One of my secret projects is no longer a secret!  The Popknits Spring Preview is live, and you can get a sneak peek at the Day’s Eye Hat. I’ll have more to say about the project when it goes live

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