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State of the Kninja, late summer 2015

Summer is icumen out! Already! If you occasionally check this blog, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been shamefully neglected, and frankly, it’s probably going to continue that way for a while. As you may or may not remember, this past

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Fall Shawl Together and stuff and things

1. I’m participating in an event called Fall Shawl Together! It is super nifty and will force me to continue my unfinished series on designing a lace triangle, so wins all around. The first post, by Cate, of Infinite Twist,

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The GRE subject test is over and I just feel depleted. I signed the thing that says you won’t tell what’s on the test, but honestly, moments after I was done, I remembered almost nothing of what I’d just been

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In which math turns on me

I don’t have a picture because I’m in Southern California and the little dress is back in Northern California, but I made a second sample of the baby dress in new yarn with new math, and I have no idea

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Experiment complete!

How did the experimental giveaway go? It went really well! There are some kinks to work out of the system, but I am really happy overall. All 25 copies of Beverly were downloaded by day’s end. I got my pattern

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Your Mom Goes to College: on getting what we want

I turned 35 earlier this month, and with that came the realization that my actual age has finally passed my mental age. I’m not sure what 35 is meant to feel like, but I don’t feel 35. This is a

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I aten’t dead

It looks like I just plain missed January, but I am still fully alive, if a bit tired. I’ve been hard at work on mostly secret projects, trying desperately to keep afloat, and then when I realized how long I’d

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Wovember round up and rats

I had meant to post a lot more wool related posts in November, and even did the research for some, but life intervened, and suffice it to say that I am glad to see the back of November. It was

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I want to thank regular readers of this blog for their patience in my off topic rant on a disturbing subject. Welcome to new readers – there are apparently a good few of you, as said off topic rant was

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An ongoing discussion

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday seems as good a day as any to talk about the conversation taking place at Flint Knits about privilege and representation. I am going to sum it up briefly, but I highly recommend reading the

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