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Goodbye to Cephalopod

You have likely already heard the news that Cephalopod Yarns is closing its doors. There are more details at Sarah’s blog. (Side note: Sarah’s writing is beautiful and everyone should be reading her blog because she’s a brilliant, kind, funny,

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Collection design and me

First things first – thank you to everyone who entered my raffle for earthquake relief in Japan, and congratulations to Natalie, Rosemary, Jenny, and Hanne, who won the prizes! I sent them off yesterday, and ladies, my apologies for the

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I came out of last week exhausted, but I am going into this week feeling happy and refreshed.  My tenth wedding anniversary was on the 24th, and yesterday, my husband and I finally got our big anniversary date.  (We did

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Mostly just pictures

Real post soon, including a continuation of the Lace Triangle tutorial (and I found some places where the illustrations need improvement in previous posts, so I may return to those and tidy them up) but in the meantime, here are

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What I’d be knitting if I wasn’t knitting

Still sleepy.  I’ve been working on a cast on post for the lace triangle series, but I want to make some illustrations for that, and those are taking a little while, so in the meantime, I thought it would be

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Cheaper than therapy

When I realized that Sunniva was going to need to be reknit, I was being really, really good.  I had only two projects on the needles: Sunniva, and Veyla.  And I was determined to keep it that way.  A little

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The next step

This is the second part of my documentation of the process of my new design in progress, Sunniva. As you may know, I have a bit of an obsessive thing about color.  I loved color theory in art school, and

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About Arabella

There’s always a story.  Arabella’s story began when I was reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (again) and began daydreaming about playing with the idea of fantasy and fashion.  The world of the novel is set during the Regency, but

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Plugging away

Oh, urgh, ugh.  I’m in the knitting doldrums.  I’m plugging away at the shrug pattern, which is all very well and good, but is not exactly knitting.  My Herbivore is nearly done, but as I’m close to the end, I’m

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Peek the second

I’d hoped to have the pattern for my new shawl ready for test knitting by today, but unfortunately, I still have a little way to go.  It’s mostly ready, though, so yay!  I just wanted to make two options for

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