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Souvenir of a Killing

Today’s new pattern isn’t really new. I wrote Souvenir of a Killing for the book Hitch, a great collection of patterns inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and edited by Stephannie Tallent. I have rewritten Souvenir for release as

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Impressionist Daubs Set

The Impressionist Daubs Set is live! Let me tell you a little about these two patterns. Both are designed for use with Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Precious, a silk/merino blend (60%/40%) with a lovely drape and an unusually high yardage

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On Monday

On Monday, I will be releasing a small set, a hat and shawl pairing designed for use with a drapey, highly variegated colorway. Here’s a little preview of the Impressionist Daubs Set.The shawl is completely modular, so while it’s written

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Crosshatch Hat – Eleventh Hour

Oh hey, all my grad school applications are turned in. I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am to have that part done. Now I only need to keep the panic down for a couple of months

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Woodgrain Hat

The Woodgrain Hat is now available for purchase! There are three sizes and two options for hat length, a close fitting toque, and a longer slouch. This is a quick, satisfying knit, with a bit of a choose your own

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In which math turns on me

I don’t have a picture because I’m in Southern California and the little dress is back in Northern California, but I made a second sample of the baby dress in new yarn with new math, and I have no idea

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Goodbye to Cephalopod

You have likely already heard the news that Cephalopod Yarns is closing its doors. There are more details at Sarah’s blog. (Side note: Sarah’s writing is beautiful and everyone should be reading her blog because she’s a brilliant, kind, funny,

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Experimental giveaway – Beverly hat pattern

Thank you so much for the interest in Beverly today! All 25 patterns have now been given away. I will write tomorrow about what this was like! Every designer will eventually (and repeatedly) create some patterns that they deeply love,

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When I saw Stephannie Tallent’s call for submissions to a Hitchcock themed collection, Hitch, I knew I wanted to submit, even with the limited time I had at my disposal. First of all, I love Stephannie’s aesthetic. I have her

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I’m going to have a product review for you tomorrow, but today I wanted to catch up on various things that need doing. I’m back in school, loving it very much, and of course, very busy as a result. The

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