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I am working on some more installments of the male gaze posts (holy cats, you guys have a lot of good thoughts and ideas!) but in the meantime, how’s about a free pattern? I whipped up a quick spring scarf

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Tamarind update

I created the Tamarind Cowl a few years ago as a way to use up my surplus of Malabrigo in Rich Chocolate. It’s an easy little free pattern, and one of my more popular patterns to boot. I didn’t substantially

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Pamela Cowl

I’ve been forgetting to add this to the blog, but here you go!  Another free pattern on the free patterns page.  Nothin’ fancy, but a simple, relaxing cowl that is soft and comfortable.  This was my go-to cowl all last

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Happy New Year – here’s a pattern

So it’s a new year, which means it’s five days until I hit the last year of my twenties. I’m not terribly impressed with the idea of turning 29. It just sounds so fake, even faker than 28 did. I

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Dapper Herringbone Scarf

I should be ashamed of myself for even daring to call this a pattern, but a few people have asked about the scarf I showed in my last post, and I figured I’d just quickly explain what I did. There

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Meta post: Maude is now easier to download

Thank heavens, eh?  I completely and totally fail at WordPress, because I hadn’t even realized I could host my PDF here, instead of at that random awful place that made it difficult to get a copy.  I know a lot

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Basic Blue Hat

The pattern for this hat is long overdue, so I thought I’d post it before we head off into the wild blue yonder on our move. Gabriel was kind enough to pose for some pictures for me, so you can

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Maude Louise

March 29, 2009 update:  Whoops!  All of a sudden this old post is getting a lot of traffic.  The pattern for Maude Louise has been completely rewritten as of this month, and you can get it here. Sorry for any

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Gulp. (Notes on Maude Louise)

So here’s what is happening with the pattern for Maude Louise. Finished or not, I will be posting it tomorrow, hopefully as a download, provided I can figure out how to do that. The likelihood is that I won’t be

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Ripple Hand Towel

Yarn: one and a half skeins Rowan Linen Drape (discontinued) Possible subs: Plassard Coton-Lin, Louet Sales Euroflax Originals, Maggi Knits Maggi’s Linen, Needful Yarns Iside, Queensland Collection Cotolino Needles: U.S. size 3 (3.25 mm) Cast on 44 stitches Knit for

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