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Small sized

Mode Moderne is such an easy knit, and I like working stripes and playing with the color combinations so much that I couldn’t resist making a small version for my daughter. I’d make a baby version as well, except cowl

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We believe in nothing

I just spent the morning taking a practice test for the Lit GRE subject test, which I am taking on Saturday. I did pretty well on the practice test, which is a bit comforting, but the actual process was mind

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In which math turns on me

I don’t have a picture because I’m in Southern California and the little dress is back in Northern California, but I made a second sample of the baby dress in new yarn with new math, and I have no idea

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Goodbye to Cephalopod

You have likely already heard the news that Cephalopod Yarns is closing its doors. There are more details at Sarah’s blog. (Side note: Sarah’s writing is beautiful and everyone should be reading her blog because she’s a brilliant, kind, funny,

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Mode Moderne for me

When I designed Mode Moderne, I did so around the type of sweater I’ve seen my sister wear. She and I are built quite differently, with very different coloring and very different fashion sense, so I hadn’t originally planned on

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Green with evil

Actually, there’s no evil to be found here. It’s just that when I was in high school, my favorite television show was Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and there’s a character on that show, Zorak, who describes himself as green

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Wrapping up

There are a number of projects I finished last year that we never got around to photographing in modeled pictures. I think there are some projects that I never got around to photographing, period. I’m trying to remedy that now,

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See and do

This is much later than I intended it to be, but better late than never! Back over the summer I was lucky enough to do some test knitting for Stephen West‘s Westknits Book One, which came out last month. Stephen

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Back to school knit

Eleanor starts kindergarten this year. She also outgrew her much loved Tomten jacket finally and most of her lightweight jackets and her coats. So it seemed logical and celebratory to make her a new coat for school. I bought the

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Into existence

All those long months back, I had this idea for a sweater that I drew on paper and submitted to Knitscene. They didn’t want it, which I’m ultimately happy with, because I got to take my time and keep getting

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