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We believe in nothing

I just spent the morning taking a practice test for the Lit GRE subject test, which I am taking on Saturday. I did pretty well on the practice test, which is a bit comforting, but the actual process was mind

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Goodbye to Cephalopod

You have likely already heard the news that Cephalopod Yarns is closing its doors. There are more details at Sarah’s blog. (Side note: Sarah’s writing is beautiful and everyone should be reading her blog because she’s a brilliant, kind, funny,

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Cinnamon toast

I have this cardigan. It’s my favorite cardigan. There’s no good reason why it should be a favorite. It’s boxy and loose and cropped and it’s made of acrylic and I bought it in high school. It’s the dull mint

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Green with evil

Actually, there’s no evil to be found here. It’s just that when I was in high school, my favorite television show was Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and there’s a character on that show, Zorak, who describes himself as green

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The Surtsey pattern is now available for purchase!  Surtsey is a baby cardigan with a little simple colorwork to add a special touch. Knit from the top down in one piece for minimal finishing, Surtsey knits up fast to make

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I am happy, but I have no judgment

I stayed up until 1:30 this morning working on the Surtsey pattern.  At some point in that long intense slog, an alarm went off on my computer, informing me that there might be a Wollmeise update.  When I’m up and

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In a tizzy

I’ve almost got the Surtsey pattern ready for test knitting, which makes me very happy.  I had some setbacks on math and wording, but I think we’re on the right path now.  And the new Sunniva sample is back on

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Good cheer

So, with all the stuff going wrong with Sunniva, I kind of lost my knitting mojo for a bit. So it’s really nice when something you’re working on decides that really, knitting is FUN, and you should remember that.  That

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Oh, that’s right, I have a blog

I can’t believe we’re two weeks into the new year and I haven’t posted here!  I have so much to catch up on. Wrapping up 2009, while it was not the best year I’ve had, I feel pretty good about

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Muench Sir Galli, now discontinued, is a silk tweed, and while it’s not actually practical for rustic use, something about it, from the subdued natural tones to the tweedy flecks and nubs, screams rustic.  It has a gnarled, woody look,

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