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Ghoulies, ghosties, and long-legged beasties

I’ve long been a fan of the awesome Teresa of Canary Knits, so I’m super excited to be the next stop on her blog tour for Ghosts, her new ebook! Ghosts is not your typical knitting ebook. The knitting patterns

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Fall KAL Reboot

So when I was thinking of doing a KAL I forgot two important things. One, in places that are not here, it’s been kinda hot. Like, living on the surface of the sun hot, apparently. And while it’s been warm

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Back to school, possible KAL, knitted things

I’ve been incredibly behind hand on keeping up with knitting related social thingies. (I’m sorry. My brain is completely out of whack.) School starts on Wednesday and normally that would herald an exciting influx of time available for knitting and

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Jolie with Pointy Sticks

Well! It only took me AGES, but I finally have a little collection of accessory patterns available, just in time for autumn. I’ve talked a little about the philosophy behind this collection as I’ve worked on it, but I’m going

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Digital books from Melanie Falick

I was really excited to get a chance to review a number of new digital editions of Melanie Falick/STC Craft books. I really love the quality, layouts, and gorgeous photography that they utilize for their knitting books, and I was

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Summertime and the livin’ is woolly

I don’t really have anything to share right now, so enjoy this photo of Nora eating yarn ice cream that she dyed herself. The flavor is Raspberry Sunset, she says!

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Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find the Knit Picks catalog with my Dorothy shawl on the cover! Dorothy is a shawl I designed specifically with Knit Picks yarns in mind. It’s a two color raglan with very simple patterning

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Cinnamon toast

I have this cardigan. It’s my favorite cardigan. There’s no good reason why it should be a favorite. It’s boxy and loose and cropped and it’s made of acrylic and I bought it in high school. It’s the dull mint

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The male gaze in knitwear design: the female gaze

This is a continuation of the exploration of male gaze in knitwear photography. For the working definition of male gaze as I’m using it, click here. For the second installment, about the spouse as photographer, click here. For the third

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On wellness

I’m sorry to have dropped out suddenly and in the middle of my series on the male gaze, too. Basically, I’ve been sick for a month now, and it’s been really wearing. We went to the Maker Faire in May,

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