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About Kristen Hanley Cardozo:

I fell into knitting as a way to keep sane when motherhood and cabin fever were making me stir crazy. This deal with the sticks and the string came in handy later when I became very ill and had to learn new relaxation techniques. It came in handy yet again when I was looking for ways to force myself to write more regularly, and Knitting Kninja was born. What began as an excuse for writing very quickly became a collection of patterns as the design monster overtook my brain like some sort of alien brain sucker thing. Horrible metaphors come naturally to me.

I recently finished my undergraduate degree at Mills College after a long stint as an art school dropout, so blogging fell by the wayside in favor of essay writing (OHMYBOB so much essay writing!) for a long time, but I’m back and trying to post more often now. I like hearing from people, so write me at knittingkninja@gmail.com.

The fox image was designed and illustrated by the incomparable Jonathan Demos.