Souvenir of a Killing

Today’s new pattern isn’t really new. I wrote Souvenir of a Killing for the book Hitch, a great collection of patterns inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and edited by Stephannie Tallent. I have rewritten Souvenir for release as a single pattern, and updated the slouch version to make it slouchier.

The old version was knit in Sincere Sheep Equity Sport, an excellent sheepy yarn that I highly recommend. The new version is knit in Quince and Co. Chickadee, a bouncy, tight sport weight that comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The color combination possibilities are myriad, and since even the largest size slouch only takes two skeins, it’s an economical project with a lot of fun options.

High contrast colors will work best, and since the chevrons are formed through increases and decreases, you only need to use one color per round. No stranding! I’ve also written the pattern to hide the jog you normally get at the start of round.

The classic beret shape is my favorite, but the slouchier version looks great, too. Both are suitable for all your favorite femme fatale get ups.

The decreases form a lovely, hypnotic bullseye, ideal for throwing off any vertigo-prone enemies who might be following you.

Souvenir of a Killing is $5.00, and is ready for immediate download. Enjoy!

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