Myrna Giveaway

The Myrna Giveaway is over! Thanks for participating!

Would you like a free copy of my Myrna pattern? Myrna is a cowl and mitt set from my Jolie with Pointy Sticks collection, knit simply with some lovely little details. This is one of my own patterns that I wear quite often. It’s not over-the-top fancy, but it’s polished and goes with a lot of different outfits.

I knit mine in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga!, but you can use any sportweight or heavy fingering weight yarn to similar effect. Use something that will feel great against the skin, and pick pretty buttons!

I’m structuring this somewhat like my Beverly giveaway, but using some of the lessons I learned from that. Rather than offering all of the coupon codes in one go, I will be listing five codes at a time, for a total of 25 free patterns, and replacing the codes as I see that each five are used up.

As with the Beverly giveaway, I ask only that you take a free pattern only if you think you genuinely want to knit it. It’s not a contract, and if you think you want it and later change your mind, I promise I won’t be mad at you! I’d just like to get this pattern out to people who would like it.

Here are the first five codes. I’ll update throughout the day! Just try a code, and if it’s used, try the one below it. If all five are used, check back in a little while and I’ll have changed them out. Once all 25 codes are used, I will post a message at the top of this post saying so.


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