Impressionist Daubs Set

The Impressionist Daubs Set is live!

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Let me tell you a little about these two patterns. Both are designed for use with Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Precious, a silk/merino blend (60%/40%) with a lovely drape and an unusually high yardage (275 per skein!). Since my skeins were so variegated, I wanted to make sure the stitch patterns used would flatter the many colors and keep the resulting hat and shawlette from looking like clown barf. Slip stitch patterns are fabulous for variegated yarns, and after playing around for a bit (my swatch is a column of weird stitches) I settled on the Shetland classic Mrs. Hunter’s pattern, as the best for this yarn.

The colorway used for the slouchy hat and shawlette is called Madame Butterfly, and the weirdest part of knitting this up, for me, was the way the yarn changed in how I viewed it from skein to knitted object. In the skein, the brightest parts of the yarn, the ones that read as coral or pink in the above photos, were very definitely orange. A somewhat reddish orange, but orange. The cobalt, which stands out very decidedly in the knitted objects, appeared far more minimal in the skein. This changing character is often part of knitting highly variegated skeins, but I’ve rarely seen it play out so starkly!

There was far less of this change with the pink and purple skein, in the colorway Fidelio. It knit up and retained its cheerful bright charm. My daughter was smitten.

I love the hat pattern for this set! Although it is written in one size, it fits all of the huge range of head sizes in my home. There are two versions: the beret style, modeled by my daughter, and the slouch, modeled by me.  Both are very flattering and the silk content of the yarn lends itself nicely to a beautiful drape. I think this pattern would also look great knit up in a solid or tonal yarn. I may try it out in a skein of madelinetosh Vintage for which I’ve had a hard time finding a project.

The shawlette pattern is simple, but has some details I think are especially nice. As written, it will use nearly exactly one skein of the Precious, but it is totally modular, and so can use any amount of worsted weight yarn. The panels of staggered Mrs. Hunter’s pattern are broken up with panels of stockinette, and the edging is a simple lace pattern worked on both sides of the shawl. Both body and edging can be worked for any number of repeats, to use up all your yarn, or to change the proportion of body and edging. This would be a cozy large shawl.

I am really, really happy with our photo shoot, taken on a short break in a rainy day at our local beach, this day I was able to have a great time, I took the cooler I got by reading the ozark trail cooler reviews, they were full of food and refreshments, it was a nice and short break.

The light was filtered and gorgeous, and I think it really hit on the way these variegated yarns struck in this stitch pattern: I think they look like daubs of paint on an Impressionist painting, and the light of the day really sent that home for me.

I had a great time designing these patterns, and I sincerely hope you’ll have a great time knitting them!

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