We believe in nothing

I just spent the morning taking a practice test for the Lit GRE subject test, which I am taking on Saturday. I did pretty well on the practice test, which is a bit comforting, but the actual process was mind numbing and horrid, to the point where I still feel like my head has detached my body and is floating above its usual perch. I’m also considering an embrace of nihilism, since nothing can have any meaning in a world in which Scantron multiple choice tests exist.

But on the knitting front, things look good, even if I am giving up on any quantifiable meaning in this world that is without intrinsic value and morality. I still need to weave in the ends and add buttons (and shoot pictures where I’ve combed my hair and put on lipstick) but the Bannister Cardigan is done, knittingwise.

This is certainly a top contender for My Favorite Thing I’ve Knit. I love the cables, I love the color, I love the fit, and the yarn, Cephalopod Yarns Beastie, is glorious. It is also fairly unusual and no longer available, so I am a bit puzzled on the substitution front. I’m trying to decide whether to try to knit a whole sample in another yarn, or whether to try out a bunch of single skeins and swatch with them to see how they behave. Many yarns cable well, but Beastie is heavy, round, sturdy, and dense. It’s a mix of wool, alpaca, and silk, which is not an unheard of combo, but the way it was spun was different than any yarn I’ve used with a similar makeup. Right now, I’m thinking about Quince & Co Osprey as a possible alternative, but I am not sure. If you’ve knit with Beastie and have any ideas of an Aran weight yarn (same makeup or no) that behaves similarly, please let me know!


  1. I had a design planned for Beastie and am thinking of subbing Malabrigo Chunky. It’s a cowl collection, though, so the differences between the two yarns will be less of an issue than they could be with a sweater.

  2. Itinerant

    The demise of Cephalopod Yarns is … really sad. And unfortunately a lesson to me that over-stashing has its merits, since you never know if your favorite color / yarn / company will be around when you’re ready to finally make something with it.

    I’ve never come across anything quite like Beastie (that “rope-y” texture for one), but I’ve used Quince & Co’s Osprey in a striped blanket alongside Beastie stripes, and it behaves very similarly in terms of gauge & the look of the resulting fabric (same thickness, weight etc). I’m curious to see if you find other possible alternatives!

    [And good luck with the GRE results! Waiting for that letter in the mail is almost as uncomfortable as writing the horrid thing.]

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