And time is marching on

And time…is still marching on.

Hello, hello! It’s been a flurry of activity since school started up again. The kids are once again in three different schools, and I’m assistant teaching a class, plus studying for the Lit GRE and preparing application material for grad school. Basically, if I leave the house with my head screwed on straight, I’m pretty good.

I’m still plugging away at the catch up game. The striped cowl I mentioned in the last post is going to be part of a small collection of last minute gifts that can be made with varying amounts of yarn. In addition to the cowl, I have this shawl recipe I’ve been using to make presents for people. I’ve made two lace weight versions (neither photographed before I gave them away, sadly) and one fingering weight and one sport weight version. They’re easy, but I think they’re really pretty and versatile.

Additionally, I am currently blocking version number three of the baby dress I’ve been working on.

And finally, a humor piece I wrote for The Toast came out today. If you’ve ever wanted to see the titles of Choose Your Own Adventure books analyzed using critical literary theory, this is your chance!

I hope to have actual new patterns available soon, but I am just not pushing it. I’m feeling a bit worn thin, and I keep throwing out my back, so I have decided to go easy on myself as much as possible for a while. Ideally I catch up soon, but if not, I am going to be OK. I have in the past tended toward an all or nothing perfectionism. If things didn’t come out exactly as I wanted, I would often give up on them entirely, walking away from projects that I truly cared about rather than have them come out in a way that made me feel like I looked less than superhuman. One of the best gifts of my adult life so far has been a fairly recent tendency to channel my perfectionism to work for me. I’m trying to take my time and get things done rather than walking away. It’s not easy, and I still have a deep seated desire to hide from any work that isn’t meeting my standards, but I am getting there.


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