In which math turns on me

I don’t have a picture because I’m in Southern California and the little dress is back in Northern California, but I made a second sample of the baby dress in new yarn with new math, and I have no idea how it happened, but it came out the exact same size as the first dress. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and my math is usually pretty good at this point, but somehow swatches and numbers did not lead to a new result. I suppose this means that my niece is going to be outfitted for many months out yet, but I will need to make a THIRD dress. Amazing.

That said, the Woodgrain Hat pattern is done and ready and will be released Monday, so at least I’m not totally incompetent. Right now, I’m willing to take lack of incompetence as a sign of competence.

We got pretty good pictures, but since I got up early to pose for them after a night when I’d had trouble falling asleep in the first place, I was pretty grumpy at the time, and it kind of shows in many of the shots.

Yeah, pictures, whatever. Why didn’t I make myself tea this morning? Ugh, I hate everything.

I used less irritable shots for the pattern. If grumpy ever starts selling knitting patterns, though, I am READY.




  1. Don’t take this as creepy or anything, but you and the hat are quite fetching even while grumpy. (I read a knitter’s blog where an overly-complimentary fellow turned into a stalker…that wasn’t me…and I’m east coast, so no worries.)

    Seriously, though, on the math issue. I’m SO glad that someone else has experienced something like that. Your swatch LIED. Admit it. Don’t take the brunt for your swatch. They are important and critical pieces of our knitterly lives, but, sometimes, they straight up lie. And when they do, there is no math on earth that can make it right. You are competent, Oh Knitting Ninja. Just you give that swatch a piece of your mind as soon as you get back up north.

    P.S. I’m not drunk. Just a wee happy tonight. Knit on.

    • Haha – not at all creepy, and thank you!

      Swatches are tricky beasties. Even a largish one can’t always give full information about what weight and gravity will do to a final project, plus there’s the element of human error where gauge changes over the course of a project. But I’m perfectly happy to blame the swatch in this case, and I’m using it as an excuse to look out for the perfect bouncy two ply sock yarn for the next version! (The more recent version was a lovely smooth merino/nylon, but I think I like the way the two ply behaved a little better.)

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