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Because I didn’t have enough sample FOs that lack a pattern, I completed another. This is a baby dress knit in Orange Flower Twist | SOCK in Sandstone, with Wabi Sabi Tallulah in Amelia for the edging. Orange Flower was and is one of my very favorite yarn dyers; Karin’s colors are stunning, and her subtlety has a quality almost like a good pencil drawing. She gets depth that retains a hand drawn feel without any jarring notes. Basically, I love her yarns and you should go buy a mess to prevent me from spending money I do not have on them.

This little dress has been in my head for years. The birth of my niece provided an excuse to finally make it. I was lazy about gauge, though, and the dress is a size up from the 6-12 month size I was aiming for, which means (alas, alackaday) that I shall have to make another little dress when I get the chance. Since I’m already so far behind in my pattern writing, I have decided to knit from my stash, and as I haven’t another skein of Twist | SOCK in a color I think will work well for this pattern, I have been combing through my other sock yarns for a pleasant combination. Today I will swatch and see what works. No more gauge carelessness on my part!

I did get a bunch of work done on writing up the Woodgrain Hat pattern, and it should be ready for tech editing later this week. I do my layout at the same time as I write up the pattern because seeing how it fits into the layout is a big part of making it work, and this means my write ups often take more time than they otherwise would. I still need to get modeled photographs, as well.

That’s largely it at the moment! ‘Til next time!


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  1. Loving how that sample turned out.
    And too bad I’m also the wrong (perhaps right) person to know about this yarn dyer, her inventory shelves could empty as soon as my paycheck’s deposited. Oops.
    I’ll definitely keep her in mind, once my sock stash is empty again.

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