Experiment complete!

How did the experimental giveaway go? It went really well! There are some kinks to work out of the system, but I am really happy overall.


Happier than this photo would indicate.

All 25 copies of Beverly were downloaded by day’s end. I got my pattern out to some more people, and it didn’t result in the frenzy that occurred when I made Mode Moderne free for a week. (The story behind that is really dumb. I’d promised people in my Ravelry group that I’d give them a free copy if they wanted it, and I made the period a week so they’d have time to get it if they didn’t see the post right away. Then word started to get out, and people downloaded it in droves, so I changed it from a code to a temporarily free pattern, since it was my 50th, and it seemed celebratory. It was artificially kept at the top of the Ravelry “Hot Right Now” list for most of the week, but it did not result in an uptick in sales, nor in knit up versions. I think people basically hoarded it.)

I mostly was able to keep on top of crossing out codes on the blog post about the giveaway. However, two codes were used out of order, which meant that when I got down to the last two codes on the list, they had already been used, and I had to go and manually check which codes still worked. That part is less than ideal, so if I do this again, which I think I likely will, I will have to come up with some other way to give out the codes. The codes tended to be used in waves, so I’d have no codes used for a few hours, and then four or five used very quickly in a row. It was during one of these waves that the order of codes used was messed up.

Next time I try something of this sort, I will announce it ahead of time, and I will try experimenting with how to release codes. One possibility is to release five at a time at intervals throughout the day, so the given number at any time is lower, and I won’t have to scramble to find which codes have been used.

I hope that everyone who got a copy of Beverly enjoys it! I had fun interacting with folks while the giveaway was going on, and I look forward to doing this again!


  1. I believe I am one of the knitters hoarding Mode Moderne, with no intention of knitting it (it’s just not my style). There is something so tempting about a free pattern! I don’t understand it.

    • Oh for sure! I’ve definitely taken advantage of other designers’ sales and giveaways either because I would like to knit the pattern and am tricking myself into thinking I have time, or because I like seeing how other people do layouts and write up their patterns.

  2. I was curious how your experiment would work. And your experience with Mode Moderne is similar to an experience that I had releasing one of my patterns for free for a week – – in that experience, I had people email me directly requesting a copy of the pattern, which I would gift to them via Ravelry. I ended up having over 400 people email me, but I can’t say that it resulted in more finished projects or more pattern sales. And it was a HUGE amount of work for me, so I resolved to not use that technique again. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m glad to be reading your blog again!

    • Yeah, that was why I opted out of having people email me for the code. I figured it was possible some folks would contact me through another medium, making it hard for me to know who were the first 25 people, some people’s emails might get snagged by the spam folder, and sending each code individually and saying, “Nope, sorry, they’re all used up,” to everyone else would be a ton of work.

      Thanks so much, by the way! I’m happy to be back.

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