Experimental giveaway – Beverly hat pattern


Thank you so much for the interest in Beverly today! All 25 patterns have now been given away. I will write tomorrow about what this was like!

Every designer will eventually (and repeatedly) create some patterns that they deeply love, but that are not big hits. That’s fine, really – those patterns are usually balanced out by things that do well and that are well loved by others, and not everything we do and love has to be loved by others. But today it struck me that it would be nice if I could give away a limited number of a pattern I love, in hopes that other people would discover it and love it and knit it up for themselves. Ravelry does offer a way for me to do that, with a batch of randomly generated coupon codes in limited number, and I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

The pattern I’m offering today is Beverly. I LOVE this pattern. The yarn is Becoming Art Agave Sport, which is one of the most plush yarns I’ve ever used, and the stitch pattern is a ton of fun to work, and I adore the little pops of color like stained glass. The architectural structure reminds me of Gaudí and it knits up fast, and most skeins of sport weight yarn give you enough yardage to make one and a shawl, or a few hats, or a hat and mitt set. Anyway, I love this pattern.

But Beverly only has two knit up examples on Ravelry, mine and one knit by the wonderful Cynthia. Part of this, I think, is that I released the pattern while I was in school, without a blog post, and without a lot of fanfare. Part of it may be that the unblocked fabric I liked so much for my sample is too textured and crazy for some folks. Whatever the reason, this one never took off.

I’ve never done a giveaway of this sort, and so this may not work out very well! Bear with me! I had considered asking people to send me a message asking for a code and I’d give them to the first twenty-five people. But then you’re relying on me to get back to you and I would likely get more than twenty-five messages and it could be a mess, so, I am trying something that might also be a mess!

The twenty-five codes are below. I will update throughout the day, crossing off codes that have been used. When all the codes are used, I will update at the top of this post. I have no way of controlling who downloads this pattern, and during a giveaway, things can become kind of crazy, but I am asking that you download the pattern only if you’d really like to knit it. It’s not a contract, and if you think you want it and later change your mind, I promise I won’t be mad at you! I’d just like to get this pattern out to people who would like it. We’ll see how this goes! With luck, I’ll start seeing some more Beverlys pop up over at Ravelry, and some folks who missed it will get to enjoy a pattern that I think is a lot of fun. If it goes well, I may try this again in future. Happy knitting, and I hope you enjoy the pattern.

Edit: I can see when someone has used a code, but not which code they used, so I’m afraid I have to work with the assumption that people are using these in order. Please try to use them in the order in which they are listed, or my crossing codes out is for naught!



  1. I won’t take one as I know in my heart I won’t have time to knit it- but for what it’s worth I love this one too 🙂

      • No worries, Karen! The codes are being used in waves, so sometimes it’s a whole bunch at once, and sometimes it’s a while before another one gets used, so I’m not always right on top of it.

  2. Beth

    Hello, came across this post on twitter, and wanted to thank you for this wonderful gift! Just for the record, I used the following code: bevGQTDJDFP. The following code didn’t seem to work, so it may have been used before (or I did it wrong): bevZPC3JSF6

    Thank you again, can’t wait to get started on it. 🙂

  3. Deidre Corbet

    Thank you for the pattern! I will go stash diving after the match and queue it up. Hope this will help drive you some traffic because it sure is cute!

  4. Wendy

    Ah, darn it… I missed out! Having a job sucks sometimes… Can I get advance notice next time?? 😉

    • Aw, sorry, Wendy! I DO plan on doing this again, because I think it went very well, so I may do advance notice next time. I’m considering what things need to be changed up.

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