Hats and Wrapture

I was offered an opportunity to test Eucalan’s new wool wash Wrapture recently, and when I found out it was jasmine scented, I jumped at the chance. I’m super picky about scents, but when it’s one I love, I really love it. Wrapture was created in conjunction with the designer Kristin Omdahl and like all Eucalan washes, it is a no rinse formula.

When the package arrived, the first thing I did after opening it was to take out one of the little bottles of Wrapture and twist off the top to sniff. My first impression was that the scent was too strong. I found it a little overwhelming in the bottle, but of course, many products are quite different when used, so I held back on further judgment.I luckily had some hats I’ve been making for a friend’s family on hand, and they all needed blocking, so they became the guinea pigs in the experiment.

I’m glad I waited until using the wash to fully judge the scent. Diluted in water and soaked through wool, it’s lovely. I soaked the hats in a lukewarm bath with a capful of Wrapture and gently squeezed the hats to work the wash through. After their bath and a good wrap and squeeze in a towel, the hats smelled wonderful. All of the yarns used for these hats were either Superwash merino or an MCN blend. These are soft yarns and I was surprised to find them softer after their bath.

I don’t usually buy wool washes, mostly because of price, but this was an improvement on my usual blocking method of conditioner and several rinses, and given how much I knit and how often I need to block, I think I will be relying on wool washes in the future. Saving the rinse cycle was a nice touch, and the smell really is heavenly. Some wools tend to have a wet dog (wet sheep!) smell during blocking, and it was nice to avoid that with the jasmine scent.

Given the cost of a fancy skein of yarn, the cost of wool wash seems worth the price for the hand knitter who is using expensive hand dyed animal fibers. If it’s still out of your budget or if you’re not using materials that seem to warrant it, conditioner and water is a tried and true method that will still work very well.

I’m going to enjoy blocking in the coming weeks, though, especially when I get to wear my jasmine scented knits!

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