I’m going to have a product review for you tomorrow, but today I wanted to catch up on various things that need doing.


I’m back in school, loving it very much, and of course, very busy as a result. The three kiddos are in three different schools this year, as the big guy started high school (!) which is just so weird, I don’t even know. I definitely do not feel grown up enough to be the parent of a high school student. They are such great kids, though, and I’m grateful to them for the understanding and interest they show in my own schooling. I think and hope that this is good for them, that seeing me in school makes college a tangible reality instead of an inevitable next step or something out of reach. I’ve talked to them about financing school, but with the rates at which college tuition is rising lately, I wonder how much the ranks of the college educated will contract. There is no way I could be in school now without my scholarships and grants, and there is almost no chance I’d have gotten scholarships and grants straight out of high school. My grades at 14 to 18 were not the same as my grades as an adult woman serious about returning to school.

More on school below! Now for some important announcements.

The most important thing is this: the pattern for High Desert, as it was originally sent out, had some major errors that spanned all sizes. I had made a mistake in the math to adjust one area, and had missed that it changed the front panels to create an unattractive notch on each one. If you purchased High Desert through Knitting Kninja or Ravelry, you should have received an update along with a coupon code and an apology. HOWEVER! If you purchased the pattern through Knit Picks, while the pattern was updated in your pattern library, you won’t have received the coupon code and I’d still like to send it to you. Please email me at knittingkninja @ if you purchased High Desert before September 12th. And please know that I’m happy to do any hand holding you need to get through the pattern, especially after I made such a serious mistake. I am very sorry, and I’d like to make things right.

Important announcement the second! If you wondered about the hat in the picture above, wonder no longer. It’s a pattern I designed for the book Hitch: Patterns Inspired by the Films of Alfred Hitchcock, curated by Stephannie Tallent, and published by Cooperative Press. The pattern name is Souvenir to a Killing, and it is knit in lovely, lovely Sincere Sheep Equity Sport, in two undyed colors. I was inspired by the Saul Bass opening titles of Vertigo, which rely on stark graphic presentation to create anxiety in the viewer. My hat doesn’t use the Lissajous spirals Bass relies on to create dizziness, but I felt that the grey and white chevrons had a similar swirling effect.

© Nick Murway

Hitch is currently available in ebook form and for preorder in solid three dimensional hold in your hand book form. I’ll post more about the book as a whole soon!

I had said I wanted to say more about school. One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is that I’d like to find a way to make some of my academic papers accessible to others. Some of them propose actual interventions, and those don’t do much if they remain within a closed system of grades and gatekeeping. I’m not yet sure what path to go on this whole thing, but if you are interested or know of a good format for making academic papers available, I’d be happy to hear about it.

I swore after last semester that I’d never take five classes again, but then one of my favorite professors asked me to be the TA in one of my favorite classes, and here I am. I love all of my classes, though, and I feel just so lucky to be able to take them. I’m taking a survey of African-American Literature, The Bible as Literature, 18th Century Poetry and Prose, and an independent study of female writers of detective fiction. Every single one is completely engaging, plus the class I’m TAing, The Mixed-Race Experience in the Americas, is one I already loved, but it’s so great to get to attend again, especially as the students are engaged, opinionated, and seem ready to speak up.

I know I’ll continue to be spotty in my posts as I wrestle my way through school, but I hope to take some time every so often for a post that isn’t just a new pattern announcement, and I have some plans to continue the male gaze series as I get time.

Thanks for sticking around, even as things get topsy turvy at Chez Kninja!


  1. For sharing academic papers, I know a lot of folks who use I’ve used it a bit for that, too, but have fallen behind on keeping my page up to date.

  2. Caroline

    Your courses sound wonderful. I’m a big fan of woman mystery writers, so I’m curious, what authors are you reading/including?

    And please put me on your short list of those interested in your papers. thanks!

    • Thanks, Caroline! This is my list at the moment, in chronological order: Metta Fuller Victor, Anna Katharine Green, Pauline Hopkins, Craig Rice, Dorothy Hughes, and Shizuko Natsuki. I’m trying to look at how women have used the form and how tropes were created/evolved.

      • Caroline

        Whoa! they are all new to me. If you consider expanding the list here are some whose work I love madly: Louise Penny, Laurie R. King, Jacqueline Winspear. I’ll look forward to your paper(s).

  3. Good for you getting your research out there! Does your school have its own open-access repository for student and faculty work? The library usually is in charge of the university repository.
    If you’d rather be published in a journal, there are tons on the Directory of Open Access Journals ( Are you familiar with SPARC ( and Open Access Week ( They have lots of information too!

    *pauses for breath*

    Librarian moment.

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