Month: August 2010

Indulge me

Or, Why We’re Both Wrong I’m one of those people who get hung up on grammatical errors and punctuation misuse.  I’ll be reading along quite happily when my brain will suddenly experience a jerking sensation as I hit a place

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Back to school knit

Eleanor starts kindergarten this year. She also outgrew her much loved Tomten jacket finally and most of her lightweight jackets and her coats. So it seemed logical and celebratory to make her a new coat for school. I bought the

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Into existence

All those long months back, I had this idea for a sweater that I drew on paper and submitted to Knitscene. They didn’t want it, which I’m ultimately happy with, because I got to take my time and keep getting

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Making my own sunshine

This is a weird grey summer here in usually sunny California. I like the fact that it’s not been hot, but it really hasn’t even been warm all that often.  My summer garden is suffering – our usual bumper crop

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