Month: July 2010

A little something

Two little somethings, really!  I have been meaning to make mitts for all my kids for ages now, but somehow it always gets put off.  Come autumn and winter, our walks to school involve nippy weather and little hands feel

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Very good things

1. A Verb for Keeping Warm is starting a yarn/fiber club this fall.  Each subscriber will receive a quantity of yarn or fiber (your pick) in a specially dyed color as well as a shawl pattern in each shipment.  The

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On balance

It’s been a rather odd week.  Yellow Sunniva is progressing nicely, and I’m so glad of that, because I want to get the samples done and the pattern written and out for testing as quickly as possible.  I got some

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Let the sun shine in

Sunniva the First is finished.  Holy heck, that was quite a process! Thanks so much for all the encouragement, advice, and kindness along the way!  It’s somewhat embarrassing to open up the design process when it doesn’t go as planned,

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Stuff ‘n things

I finished Red-Violet Sunniva, and in keeping with the process I’ve been documenting, I thought I’d have some finished, if not polished, pictures to show you today.  However, after blocking the neckline, I tried on the sweater and found that

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