Month: June 2010

Oh yes.

It’s blocking.  I still have to pick up the stitches around the neck and add a lip (garter? another turned hem?) but the vast majority of the knitting is done.  It is likely premature to say this, but I think

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I came out of last week exhausted, but I am going into this week feeling happy and refreshed.  My tenth wedding anniversary was on the 24th, and yesterday, my husband and I finally got our big anniversary date.  (We did

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Socks and inspiration

I’ve been secretly working on these quick socks off and on in the last month or thereabouts, intending them to be one of several presents for Mr. Kninja for our tenth wedding anniversary.  Our anniversary is the 24th, and we’d

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Finally seeing progress

So this isn’t the most flattering picture of me ever, but this is what Sunniva currently looks like.  I love the edge, which has a hem bind off that looks nice and neat and tailored, and I love the color,

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On Designing a Lace Triangle III: Cast on

This is part three of an ongoing tutorial on designing lace triangles.  If you’d like to look at parts I and II, click on the links. In the first and second installments, we talked about the actual work of inserting

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OK, I lied

We didn’t get to cast on photos last night.  My poor husband was exhausted when he got home, and the light was going, and it just wasn’t something that was working.  We’re trying for this weekend, and I have to

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Look at me, focusing!

First off, I got my weekend away, and that is where we stayed.  For true and for serious.  (Well, not in the lighthouse, of course, but next to it in lodgings built for Navy families back in the day.)  It

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Color is colorful

Long time readers will not be surprised to hear that I’ve been sick.  Sorry for the silence!  It’s so frustrating to be taken down by your body when things seem to be going along swimmingly, or at least non-sickly.  I’m

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