Month: April 2010

On Designing a Lace Triangle II

Yesterday, I posted about designing a lace triangle using inserts.  Today I’m going to talk about all over lace, such as the lace used in Arabella.  Keep in mind that these are partial explanations, and that I will try to

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On Designing a Lace Triangle I

The first and only time I knit a lace triangle prior to designing Clothilde, I found myself really taken with the way the pattern sped along to a quick finish.  (The pattern was the Diamonds and Pearls Shawl, from The

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I do not have to do anything else this year

Because my one New Year’s resolution was to knit a pair of sock weight socks, and I am DONE!  Who is the woman??  I AM THE WOMAN!  (Now there are chest bumps and a victory dance that looks suspiciously like

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In which I almost have socks

It’s not just that I finished the first sock.  I’ve done that before.  My sad, single socks sit together in a perpetual singles mixer, drinking pink drinks with umbrellas in them and complaining that no guys showed up.  I’m good

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Ability and disability

This morning, walking the boys to school, my left hip started to catch.  It’s the same hip that, a few months ago, got locked in position and stayed that way, so I found myself getting nervous about walking.  The thing

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Oh, God, I can see forever!

Look at that!  It’s most of a sock!  I am not getting cocky yet, because I’ve made single socks before, but hey, it’s most of a sock! The yarn is my Snowflake Sock in Cthulhu from Little Red Bicycle and

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What is what

Something is blocking. I think I may need to do something with the button bands.  I’m trying not to be hyper critical of myself, but I’m not the best at picking up stitches, and I think it looks a little

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The fiercegrrl fund

Hey, all!  I’ll have pictures of a wee sweater to show you shortly, but in the meantime, I wanted to point you over to this very worthy cause: the fiercegrrl fund, a blog put together to help raise money to

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Good cheer

So, with all the stuff going wrong with Sunniva, I kind of lost my knitting mojo for a bit. So it’s really nice when something you’re working on decides that really, knitting is FUN, and you should remember that.  That

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Jum, jum, jum!  Those were the keys that weren’t working on my keyboard: u, j, and m.  Today, a new to me keyboard arrived in the mail!  Hooray!  I no longer have laryngitis of the keyboard, which is nice, as

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