Ability and disability

This morning, walking the boys to school, my left hip started to catch.  It’s the same hip that, a few months ago, got locked in position and stayed that way, so I found myself getting nervous about walking.  The thing is, regular walking might help me to stay loose and actually keep my hip from … [Read more…]

Oh, God, I can see forever!

Look at that!  It’s most of a sock!  I am not getting cocky yet, because I’ve made single socks before, but hey, it’s most of a sock! The yarn is my Snowflake Sock in Cthulhu from Little Red Bicycle and my picture here does not do it justice.  This yarn, pretty as it was in … [Read more…]

The fiercegrrl fund

Hey, all!  I’ll have pictures of a wee sweater to show you shortly, but in the meantime, I wanted to point you over to this very worthy cause: the fiercegrrl fund, a blog put together to help raise money to cover medical costs for Nicole Puzan, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Nicole’s friends in … [Read more…]

Good cheer

So, with all the stuff going wrong with Sunniva, I kind of lost my knitting mojo for a bit. So it’s really nice when something you’re working on decides that really, knitting is FUN, and you should remember that.  That baby sweater I mentioned?  I am enjoying it ridiculous amounts.  I made a chart, played … [Read more…]