Both of my keyboards are broken as of all of a sudden yesterday afternoon and I have a choice between the one with no spacebar and the one with no m, J or u keys. Gess which one I’ sing? Anyway, since copying and pasting letters or spaces is a pain in the tuchus, I … [Read more…]

Invisible friends

I’ve been staring at a blank screen trying to think what to write.  Something happened in this past week that’s changed a lot of how I’m seeing things, but I’m finding it very hard to think about, let alone talk about in any meaningful way.  I’m going to start at a seemingly unconnected point and … [Read more…]


And they only took me 25 days!  I knit like the wind, baby.  I’m just going to give the straight up stats here.  Liam’s been sick this week, and has been waking in the night and we’re all like zombies, as a result and I’m afraid actual paragraphs are beyond me. Pattern: Veyla, from Whimsical … [Read more…]

Round up

There’s been some secret knitting in the past few days.  I’m trying to rearrange my schedule around the fact that I won’t have Sunniva out when I’d planned, and I thought I’d work on getting some smaller projects done quickly, so as to be able to release a pattern sometime in the spring, whether Sunniva … [Read more…]

Humiliation in the name of SCIENCE

Actually, not so much on the science, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?  I have whole days where I add a long dramatic pause, and then, “for SCIENCE!” at the end of all statements of intent.  “I must eat this salsa before it goes bad…for SCIENCE!”  “Damn, I tripped over the laundry and hit my … [Read more…]