Birthday knit, mitts, and Stitches

Say that three times fast! My little sister’s birthday was yesterday.  I had previewed her birthday present on here, but hadn’t dared show a finished picture in case she happened along and I ruined the surprise!  (Which is my wont, anyway.  I get so excited about gifts that I bubble and giggle and give everything … [Read more…]

Springing up

It’s not here yet, not quite, but spring is coming, and I can feel it!  Today is a rare sunny day in a long span of El Niño related bluster and rain.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m thrilled about the rain.   California’s been in drought long enough that rain is always welcome.  But long rainy … [Read more…]

What was raised

Thank you so much for your support during the month of January.  A lot of people chose to buy patterns now rather than wait, and as a result, this morning I was able to donate $838.25 to Save the Children. I know it’s better to donate directly, but the thing I think worked well about … [Read more…]