Body and soul

A room without books is a body without a soul. – Cicero (attributed) El Niño is here, in all its wet and windy glory, throwing monstrous tantrums up and down the state.  For a weather phenomenon named after the Christ child, it’s certainly a very contrary and intense presence.  The lights have flickered, but thus … [Read more…]

Help for Haiti

I’m going to be mentioning this regularly for a while now, but the Help for Haiti program on Ravelry is going really well.  Pattern sales on Help for Haiti projects have, on average, tripled, and with all the pledges, it looks like Ravelry users have already raised somewhere in the range of $15,000.  From my … [Read more…]


First things first: Ravelry added a tag for designers to pledge donations to relief in Haiti.  You can search Help for Haiti patterns here to shop, and you can narrow the search by your favorites or queued items.  I’ve added all Knitting Kninja sale patterns to the pledge.  Retroactively, 50% of the profits from all … [Read more…]