Entrechat shoot

I’m very far behind schedule on the Entrechat pattern, but we’re getting close to the finish line now.  Mr. Kninja and the kids and I went down to the beach this morning to shoot pictures for the pattern.  I felt pretty silly wandering around Albany beach in a flowing white dress, but I wanted something that would contrast with the teal nicely.  Here are some of the pictures.  You can click through to see the rest!

Lesson of the day: hair that stays relatively flat at home is not necessarily going to lie flat on a windy beach!


  1. That dress is stunning! I know what you mean about feeling silly, but you shouldn’t. 🙂 And that cables on that shrug are really beautiful. Well done, indeed.

  2. I’d probably feel silly, too, but it was worth it–you got beautiful pictures! Tempts me to trot out my wedding dress for a photo shoot someday. Funny about the hair, too. It comes with the territory in autumn, I guess! Mr. G looks like a crested duck in some of the pictures I took of his new gansey. The ferry boat seemed like a good backdrop, but it did make for a stiff breeze!

  3. Christina

    Beautiful! Please add it to your projects on Ravelry so knitters (including me!) can fave it. Looking forward to this pattern — well done!

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