Entrechat is finally out for test knitting and tech editing, so a big old woot! on that one!  I know it’s not when I’d hoped to have it released, but it will be out soon. I finished the February baby sweater in Wool Candy.  I love the yarn very much – it blocked out nicely, … [Read more…]

Corner, turned

My back, it is better.  Thank goodness – that was rather scary.  I am walking as normally as ever I do, and I have a lot more energy now that I’m not in constant pain and worry. I turned a corner with the Entrechat pattern as well.  I’m far behind my own schedule on that … [Read more…]

What a drag

Literally.  The reason for the radio silence is that while I was holding her arm, Eleanor dropped suddenly to the ground, jerking me off balance and yanking something badly out of place in my lower back.  This has gotten progressively less painful over the week, but sitting up for any length of time is hard, … [Read more…]