Month: September 2009

On head size

Today I happened to have a tape measure in my pocket as I was out walking with the kids.  On a whim, and to keep them entertained, I whipped it out and offered to measure their heads.  We are, for

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Still kicking

Whew.  Surfacing for a moment.  This semester is just crazy for me.  I’m taking Spanish and Statistics, which, if you’re a full time student means you’re sitting there thinking, “And?”  The and for me is that I’m just not that

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Thank you!

Your wealth of suggestions for the name of my shrug was a great help!  I ended up choosing Marin’s suggestion of Entrechat after watching this video on Youtube.  I felt like the leg movements described the cables very beautifully in

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Plugging away

Oh, urgh, ugh.  I’m in the knitting doldrums.  I’m plugging away at the shrug pattern, which is all very well and good, but is not exactly knitting.  My Herbivore is nearly done, but as I’m close to the end, I’m

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