On head size

Today I happened to have a tape measure in my pocket as I was out walking with the kids.  On a whim, and to keep them entertained, I whipped it out and offered to measure their heads.  We are, for reference, Eleanor, 4, Liam, almost 8, Gabriel, 10, and me, 30.  And we all have … [Read more…]

Still kicking

Whew.  Surfacing for a moment.  This semester is just crazy for me.  I’m taking Spanish and Statistics, which, if you’re a full time student means you’re sitting there thinking, “And?”  The and for me is that I’m just not that organized.  A mythological SuperMom would be able to parent three children effortless while simultaneously attending … [Read more…]

Thank you!

Your wealth of suggestions for the name of my shrug was a great help!  I ended up choosing Marin’s suggestion of Entrechat after watching this video on Youtube.  I felt like the leg movements described the cables very beautifully in the way they crossed over each other repeatedly.  I actually spent a fair amount of … [Read more…]