Month: August 2009

Oh, also

I started a Ravelry group, Dangerous With Pointy Sticks, for anyone interested in Knitting Kninja patterns, whether as a knitter, test knitter, or just as one of my friends!  I figured that with the number of emails and private messages

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The case of the time traveling undies

I don’t usually post about my underwear, nor had I planned to do so, but this is too good to keep to myself.  I ordered some underwear online a few days ago, and today I decided to track the status

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To raise and contract the shoulders

This isn’t a real picture.  Or rather, it is a real picture, but it’s a placeholder until I can do a detailed photo shoot.  I finished the new version of the Erin Shrug and am now getting to work on

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Pamela Cowl

I’ve been forgetting to add this to the blog, but here you go!  Another free pattern on the free patterns page.  Nothin’ fancy, but a simple, relaxing cowl that is soft and comfortable.  This was my go-to cowl all last

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Green seas

Just a peek at some of the projects currently underway.

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I was in Los Angeles visiting family for the last week, so my interneting has been sporadic.  (Yes, I just verbed a noun.  My grammar crumbles in the face of the temptation offered by a living language.)  It was a

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