Happy happy!

First off, thank you for the kind reception to Clothilde!  It’s  been really amazing seeing so many people start on Clothildes right away, and I cannot wait to see pictures of all the finished results.  I’ll be posting in the near future about ways you can alter that pattern to your own satisfaction, but for … [Read more…]

Pie-cation! and things and stuff

So.  I had kind of forgotten just how awesome my weekend is going to be until I suggested to my husband that maybe I could go to a craft show this weekend, and he said, “No!  You’re getting kidnapped, remember?” Oh, yes.  That’s right.  My incredibly awesome friend Christine is driving up from Southern California, … [Read more…]

Detective work

Knitting entered China on the back of a camel.  According to the academic Owen Lattimore, after the defeat of the White Army during the Russian Civil War, the monarchists retreated into China, where, as China fell into its own civil war, they were transported by camel to the eastern end of China. To pass the … [Read more…]