Month: May 2009


Muench Sir Galli, now discontinued, is a silk tweed, and while it’s not actually practical for rustic use, something about it, from the subdued natural tones to the tweedy flecks and nubs, screams rustic.  It has a gnarled, woody look,

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Catching up with Project Spectrum

I have had a rough time of it lately in terms of health.  I was sick for a time (though not with swine flu – yay!), and then I hurt my ankle and now I’m on crutches.  I’ve been largely

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On April 26th, we went to Sheep Shearing Day at Ardenwood Historic Farm. We arrived after the shearing itself was over, but still in time to see plenty of formerly woolly ruminants looking svelte and wary after their haircuts.  The

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