Month: April 2009

I love my math class

I don’t think I’ve ever thought those words to myself before Saturday.  But I do.  I love my math class. Math is one of those subjects that is clearly important and yet has, until recently, seemed really endlessly boring to

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I will be posting a second post about the designer/teacher issue, but things got ahead of me, and before I got to that, we had a fourth birthday that I feel takes precedence.  I mean, how often does your daughter

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What think you?

Having gotten good feedback on one complex set of opinions, I have another set of complicated opinions to put out there.  Please comment, argue, let me know what you think.  My opinion seems to be at a slightly different angle

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Thank you

I have yet to email everyone who commented on my last post, but I really want to thank you all for weighing in.  I think some of my own biases blinded me to a few important points that were brought

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Autism Awareness Month rant

I’ve been very busy lately with classes and secret projects and children who are on Spring Break (oh my!) and such, but there are a few things I’ve been thinking about that need a little space.  Last year, around this

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Now available for purchase!  A huge thank you to my test knitters. Paulette is a simple bonnet for girls ages brand new to ten, knit in one piece with i-cord edging and a decorative flower.  So sugary sweet you just

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