I love my math class

I don’t think I’ve ever thought those words to myself before Saturday.  But I do.  I love my math class. Math is one of those subjects that is clearly important and yet has, until recently, seemed really endlessly boring to me.  It’s not that I was awful at it, though some days I certainly feel … [Read more…]


I will be posting a second post about the designer/teacher issue, but things got ahead of me, and before I got to that, we had a fourth birthday that I feel takes precedence.  I mean, how often does your daughter turn the big oh four?  Not that often! Teeth.  Nora’s got ’em! We had a … [Read more…]

What think you?

Having gotten good feedback on one complex set of opinions, I have another set of complicated opinions to put out there.  Please comment, argue, let me know what you think.  My opinion seems to be at a slightly different angle than most of the knitting world so far, so it’s certainly possible that I’m wrong … [Read more…]

Thank you

I have yet to email everyone who commented on my last post, but I really want to thank you all for weighing in.  I think some of my own biases blinded me to a few important points that were brought up in comments, like the fact that for some kids, medication is a true godsend.  … [Read more…]