I drink from the cup of glory!

Or: the pattern for Maude Louise II is now live.

I’m tempted to demand all the finest bagels and muffins in the land, but instead I’ll just wait until the kids are in bed and eat a bunch of peppermint Jo-Jos, because I can!  (And yes, sorry kids, your parents do stay up late eating candy and watching movies.  It’s exactly what you suspected all along.)

The new pattern is written in sizes 28″ bust through 52″ bust, and it has two options for button bands and collar.  I tried to include as much information as I could, so hopefully it will be easy to follow.  Download the new pattern now and check it out!

I’m keeping Maude Louise free, but adding this optional donation button.   If you find the new pattern useful, please consider paying whatever you feel is appropriate.

Thank you! If you have any questions or comments, email me. The address is over there on the right hand side of the blog.


  1. diane

    Wow. You deserve a night of Jo-jo’s. please put a donate button up soon , as you have put so much work into this. Thank you, it is a lovely job.

  2. Nadia

    It’s absolutely beautiful! (And the pattern layout so easy to read.) Wonderful job, can’t wait to knit Maude Louise.

  3. barbara

    this is a really beautiful pattern. Thanks so much for providing it free. I am in the process of collecting a hope chest of sweaters, tanks, etc. to branch out into. Currently, I only make little foldover purses – but my future plans include the above. I have “thunk” up a policy which is this: even if the pattern is free, once I knit the item I will donate to the website from which I obtained it or will buy the yarn from that site. Right now, I get my Red Heart or Caron’s from Michaels or Walmart. This way I won’t go broke – anyway I inactivated my debit card in hopes of not spending so much – but I found it doesn’t work!!! I have a daughter and grandchildren!!! This is a foremost on my list of items to make for myself instead of others. It’s beautiful. Thanks again!!

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