Month: January 2009

Introspective and perspective

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs lately and this being the time of year when people assess their goals from last year and make new goals for this year, it’s gotten me thinking a lot about my own plans and

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Long forgotten items of business

First off, thank you so much for your feedback on my Maude Louise problem.  I feel like I’ve got a much better handle on what to do now.  I’ve been working on the pattern last week and this week, and

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Holding pattern

Two years ago, flush with the confidence and hope of a fairly new knitter, I asked for the yarn to make a McQueen Knock Off.  It’s not a hard pattern, and the yarn is baby soft and relatively inexpensive, so

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Oldening, debauchery, and yarn!

Sorry for the long radio silence.  I haven’t a good excuse, except that some of my current knitting is secret, but even that isn’t a good excuse, as I have plenty of non-secret knitting going on as well. I’m 30

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25 Knits from 2008

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