Holiday gifts for knitters

Last year, without solicitation, I made a list of good gifts for knitters.  This year, I actually have an excuse to go pretend shopping make a similar list, because my husband’s been asking me to make such a list for a while so that he can bookmark it and refer back to it when he needs a present for me.  Look, honey!  I am actually remembering to make the list!

Since so many folks are financially constrained this year, I’m keeping the list limited to yarns and accessories that cost $30 or less.  I also figured I’d make it easier than last year by dividing the list into categories.  So here is a comprehensive list of stuff that I a knitter might like.



Needle Cases/Bags

Patterns and Kits


I hope this list is helpful to someone (other than Mr. Kninja)!   Happy holidays!

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