Free Pauline!

The winners of the Malabrigo Junkies design contest were finally announced today, and Pauline was among them.  This means that Pauline is now available as a free download, either here, or on Ravelry.   I’ve been meaning to consolidate my pattern page for some time, and now I have, so old links to my patterns may … [Read more…]

Blocking Pauline

  Blocking is key!  I know blocking is usually a good idea, but it’s especially important with Pauline.  Since the bonnet is knit entirely in stockinette, it will curl without blocking, even with the i-cord border.  Blocking also relaxes the yarn.  Nearly everyone who has knit Pauline has worried that it was too small prior … [Read more…]

Some semblence of order

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I usually start my Christmas knitting during the summer, and this year, I utterly failed to do that, so it’s been a real scramble.  However. When I sat down in October and made a list of Christmas projects I wanted to have done, there were seventeen projects on that … [Read more…]

Holiday gifts for knitters

Last year, without solicitation, I made a list of good gifts for knitters.  This year, I actually have an excuse to go pretend shopping make a similar list, because my husband’s been asking me to make such a list for a while so that he can bookmark it and refer back to it when he … [Read more…]

We are (easily) amused

Here are some of the more interesting recent search engine terms that have brought folks to Knitting Kninja. men who like to wear frilly aprons do people still knit or is it to old fashioned “does not like frippery” “the beauty in you” +prose pot calling the kettle black yielded up to i need one … [Read more…]

In which I discover my stash

Although I am aware that I have a yarn problem, I tend not to think of myself as having a stash when compared to many other knitters of my acquaintance. I read many knitting blogs, and when I do, I often see people say things like, “I already have eight sweaters worth of yarn, so … [Read more…]