Month: November 2008


Nora finally let me take pictures of her while she was wearing her Tomten jacket!  Woot!  She’s had the jacket for a year, but I’ve never gotten a decent picture of the jacket actually being worn.  Until now, that is.

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Nature’s first green is gold

Liam went ahead and turned seven this weekend.  Just before the big day, I remembered a passing request he’d made for a “jungle hat with an Ewok on it”.  I had this bee-yew-tee-full yarn that The Lady sent me in

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Ruining Christmas

Remember how my hard drive broke but it was OK, because the Genius Bar folks were going to fix it?  Well, running the risk of major flames for the second time in as many weeks, I am here to tell

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In which I rant for a while

Before I say anything else, I wanted to mention that I was lucky enough to be a poll worker (as opposed to a pole worker) on Tuesday, and while I’m still exhausted, it was a wonderful experience.  Seeing my fellow

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