Month: June 2008

Now with knitting

The young lady’s lungs took precedence over knitting in my last two posts, and you all have been so wonderful and supportive, but now that we’re almost all the way better here (save for a lingering cough), I think it’s

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Much better!

Thank you all so much for your well wishes, offers of help, and general kindness. I promise to reply to each and every one of you soon, but I’m a little worn out today, so it may be a few

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Bad day

We had a big scare with Eleanor yesterday, and I’m feeling the need to tell as many people as possible about it so that she can have as many people as possible rooting for her.  This isn’t a very organized

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Holy pattern love, Batman!

That’d be the February Lady Sweater, by Pam at Flint Knits!  Gorgeous, no?  I lust after the gorgeous Sundara yarn she used to make it no less than the sweater itself.  Wowsa.

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My creation

My creation Originally uploaded by Jejune Ennui I was bored, and I’m falling pretty hard for Flickr, so I ended up playing the game by cast on cast off. The rules: Using fd’s Flickr Toys, a. Type your answer to

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Me me!

The Lady tagged me for a meme, and I’m currently procrastinating, so it’s a welcome distraction from actual work. Yay! Thank you, The Lady! I am most appreciative. “The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player

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