Month: April 2008

Items of note

* I went to Color today and took a beginning spinners’ class!  Many, many thanks to my friend DarlingFloy for lending me a drop spindle.  I’m still dithering about which kind to buy, but taking the class has taught me

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Yarnmeme, yo

Orata‘s had some nifty memes on her site of late, and I decided to tag myself, just because. So there. First off, the yarnmeme, because I like thinking things through, like what I like and why. And maybe this will

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Raising Awareness, Raising Funds

April is Autism Awareness Month. Of course, April is half over already, but it’s been pretty busy at Kninja Central. As you may already know, my second son, Liam, is on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Each

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Writing my memoirs – briefly

I got tagged for a really neat meme by Michaela at Dollar Knits. My six word memoir: With care for words and people. This was really hard to do, actually. I considered putting people first, because I do care deeply

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