Month: February 2008

Down doo bee doo down down

I’m feeling glum. It’s an overcast day, and I have a head cold. The kids are home for the week, which would normally be good, but this week coincides with a huge amount of work Mr. Kninja is doing from

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If you wanna be happy

Pattern: Drops Jacket 103-1 Ravelry link Yarn: Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky in Peat Ravelry Link Size Made: S Yardage: 660 yds. Modifications: I had trouble understanding the instructions for the sleeve caps and fudged them. Sometimes, popularity is a bewildering

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Everyone else is

You cannot argue with the power of other people’s knitting. I realize that everyone and her brother have already knit Saartje’s bootees, but you see enough adorable photographs and you find yourself compelled – yes, compelled – to take up

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