Month: November 2007

Jitterbug into my brain

I’ve been fairly caught up with holiday knits and general stress of late, but the knitting part is paying off in the form of a couple more finished pieces. (Stress rarely pays off, but maybe someday I’ll learn that stress

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An opinionated knitter

I cannot seem to keep my virtual mouth shut, even when it would be good for me.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot because Ravelry will be going public before too long.  I’m listed on there as a designer,

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Something’s blocking…

Drying like the wind! I was uber smart and went out and bought a zipper before I blocked the jacket, which is why I am now the proud owner of a too short purple zipper.  The jacket definitely grew after

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It’s gone to the kiddies

So, you know that Pringle of Scotland sweater that’s been knocked off left and right?  Olga at Knit Creations of a Curious Mind has a bunch of pictures of the various versions.   I know a lot of people are knitting

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There they are, all stacked up – the finished holiday gifts so far, with a few more to come. I actually still have some ends to sew in on some of these, or linings to place, but the knitting part

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Meta post: Maude is now easier to download

Thank heavens, eh?  I completely and totally fail at WordPress, because I hadn’t even realized I could host my PDF here, instead of at that random awful place that made it difficult to get a copy.  I know a lot

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Yeah, yeah, I got clever with the title. You can’t expect better of someone styling herself as a kninja. However pathetic the vague knitting pun, I shall seek it out and abuse it to death, by gum, for that is

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