Month: September 2007

Wee kninjas

Several people asked about the pictures I posted on Thursday. The reddish/pinkish/intensely colored object is going to be a wrap for my aunt for the holidays. I can post a pattern and probably shall, but it’s just a diamond mesh

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Something bright for a dreary Thursday

It’s overcast and drizzly today. Here’s a little sunshine to keep you till the end of the week!

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Success, failure, and feedback

The deadline to submit for the winter issue of Knitty has been tossed back to Monday. I had been planning on submitting the Super Secret Project of Mystery, but even with the deadline extension I don’t think I’m going to

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It’s not as simple as D.A.R.E. makes it sound, is it?  People can get addicted to anything – a feeling, an idea, a gesture.  We have rehab for internet addiction and sex addiction and alcohol addiction.  A Google search of

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