Month: July 2007

Willow (sans ooh la la fancy schmancy modeling)

Because modeling is for the weak!* *The ‘weak’ being those who have a photographer on hand because they didn’t decide to take pictures while the other adult in the house is at work. In other words, those who are envied

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Coming soon

I’m sorry. I finished Willow, and I meant to get pictures, but we ended up being very busy this weekend, and now it’s dark and I have no pictures. Until I can get some, you’ll have to be content with

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Not so wispy Willow

This is the squashiest stuff, truly.  Don’t you just want to squish those cables?  I don’t have to resist temptation, and I’ve been squishing away at my leisure. Willow is nearly done.  She’s seamed, she has button bands (currently unattached,

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In the meantime…

One of the reasons why the Kninja household is sometimes stretched a little thin is that Mr. Kninja works so far away. His daily commute totals three hours back and forth. In one week, he’s on the road for at

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What I did on my summer vacation

I just want to say first of all, that even though the fires in Tahoe started the day after we got there, there was no Kninja involvement. Seriously, it was spooky scene, as you can see above. We were staying

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