Month: May 2007


Good heavens! What are those lumpy masses? What lurks darkly in the Kninja home, waiting to strike? (Apart from Kninjas, that is.) I’ve been leapt upon and savaged by the spinning bug. The mess of hideously misshapen artistically variable yarn

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What is this? A seamless hybrid that will actually be finished? Tis, tis! Oh happy day, calloo callay! I’m filled with joy at the thought. We continue to have technical difficulties in Kninja Central, which is increasingly annoying. It was

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Sleep well, grower of turnips

This isn’t about knitting.  I usually try not to write about things that are not knitting related in some vague way, and I  know I’ve been a while without writing anything.  I’d hoped to have pictures of the seamless hybrid

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I have the psychic

Cue announcer voice. You’ll remember last time, when our heroine worried that she’d run out of yarn just before finishing her seamless hybrid sweater… I think I said I’d run out just a few rows before the end.  Well, I

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After a long time spent in the joyless toils of unraveling, cursing, and ruing the day I forged ahead on the seamless hybrid without paying attention to the decrease instructions, I reached the beginning of my mistake and started again. 

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