Month: April 2007

Mostly meta

All set for summer! I bought a couple of sweaters at Goodwill and turned them into yarn, including this very attractive 100% cotton batch. I was unable to get a good picture of the other, which is 70% mohair, and

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The Mysterious Camera of Mystery, once known as the Camera of DOOM, is now working. Consistently, even. We have no idea why, but we are not about to argue with the Camera Gods. (We, in this instance, being Mr. Kninja

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My computer isn’t working properly.  In case I disappear, this is the warning – things seem to be getting very wonky in Casa de Kninja.  Apologies in advance.  If you’re knitting Maude Louise and are having problems, I refer you

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I’m just, you know, kninjating

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted at all this week. The temperamental camera of DOOM has been on the fritz again, and I find my own blog posts far less interesting when there’s nothing to

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